Tuesday, September 16, 2008


A possible new species closely related to Liopropoma swalesi. I call this fish Reynold's reef basslet.

Swale's or Swalesi reef basslet (Liopropoma swalesi). While it will typically do well in the home aquarium, don't expect to see if very often as they are prone to hiding incessantly. A nano-reef with a cave is a good venue for this fish. Compare color to possible new species above.

Here is another lovely reef basslet. It may be a color form of Liopropoma swalesi, but I am hopeful it is a new species. While similar to Swale’s reef basslet, you can see by comparing the photos of the two fish above, there are distinct differences in the color. Two type specimens of the fish were sent to Richard Pyle at the Bishop Museum. He is the process of naming a number of Liopropoma spp., including the yellow-tailed reef basslet - a deep water species that has been making its way in the trade with some regularity. (A word of warning about the yellow-tailed Liopropoma; everyone that I have obtained [three specimens] had decompression related issues – they would eventually start floating, tail-up, until they perished.) I am hoping the fish above will be named after the person that brought it to my attention, fish-monger, Dennis Reynolds.

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glassbox-design said...

A beautiful fish. Where was this specimen collected?

Eric Michael