Thursday, May 8, 2008


A blog…. a blog? I guess it’s time I catch-up with the rest of humanity and start a BLOG. The whole idea seems a bit weird to me? Regularly sharing my thoughts about the things I find of interest in an on-line diary that is accessible to anyone that has a computer. Hmm? Will anyone really be interested in my ramblings? Well, I am not sure, but there is only one way to find out!

Purpose and Content of My Blog

"Gobies to Grizzlies? Isn’t that an odd name for a blog? Isn’t the coverage too broad?" Well, maybe, but it is my blog and I can muse about anything I want! And since I am a fan of both fishes, especially gobies, and bears, namely grizzlies, I have dubbed the blog accordingly! (Of course, a variety of reef fishes and bruins will be discussed.)

While I am convinced the numbers are relatively few, I am hoping that there are some fellow “fish-o-philes” out there that are interested in reading about marine animals that are new to science and/or new to the aquarium trade. I hope the reader will also enjoy information on the behavior of marine organisms, fish photography and interesting dive sites that will be briefly noted on the virtual pages of this site. I am very fortunate man – I have access to individuals and information that the average “fish-geek” may not have at his or her disposal. I hope to parcel out such observations to those that regularly visit this blog.

As mentioned above, I also want to disseminate information about my other biological fetish * – that is, the ursids (BEARS). I plan on providing bear fact and lore on the blog. While I have much more original content/thought to dispense concerning marine creatures, I feel a need to share my love and compassion for bears with potential surfers. Whether a coral reef or a Alaskan sedge flat, we cohabit this planet with an amazing array of fellow “earthlings” that our worthy of our investigation and protection. I hope the blog’s contents will stimulate a greater appreciation of the inhabitants of both marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

In conclusion, if you’re an aquarist, I hope this blog will motivate you to search out the unique and unusual. I also hope that data contained herein will facilitate the care of the organism you house in your “living room ocean.” For you naturalists perusing the web that stumbled across my musings, my hope is that the blog’s contents will spur you on to further investigation and an even greater appreciation of the subject matter. I also encourage you to SHARE YOUR FINDINGS and OPINIONS about my musings! To one and all, I hope the blog encourages you to want to preserve the amazing creatures that share our earth.

So all that said, let the rambling begin!

* Defined as “an irrational preoccupation.”

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