Saturday, May 10, 2008


My latest book (above) is finally in North America and it should be going out to aquarium stores and online book sellers within days. This is the fourth volume in the REEF FISHES series (even though it is not called REEF FISHES VOLUME 4 as originally planned) and is limited in its coverage to damselfishes (anemonefishes are also highlighted in the title for those that are not aware that they too are members of the family Pomacentridae).

The book is 256 pages and is similar to the other three volumes in layout. The paper is not as glossy but, as in the past volumes, I have tried to be as comprehensive as possible in providing biological and husbandry content on all the species covered. That said, it certainly does not include all 320-odd species of pomacentrids. Because of space limitations I have highlighted those tropical species that are more apt to be encountered by divers and aquarists. (The future REEF FISHES ATLAS, which will hopefully be available in 2010, will include more species.)

I hope you enjoy the new book. The next volume, which deals with wrasses and parrotfishes (to a lesser extent) will be out towards the end of 2008. I think it will be my favorite of the volumes so far as I love the labrids!

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