Thursday, May 8, 2008


In 2006, Janine and I made our first journey to Katmai National Park. If you watched the documentary "Grizzly Man" you no doubt recognize Katmai - it was the Alaskan location were Timothy Treadwell went for 13 seasons in a row to observe grizzly (brown) bears. Of course, during his final stay at Kaflia Bay (i.e., "The Grizzly Maze"), he and his companion, Amie Huguenard, were killed by one of the bears. This was in 2003.

Katmai is truly a bear paradise! Not only are there more grizzly bears per square mile than about any place on earth, the bruins there are also quite sociable. To give you some idea how amazing our trip was, and how approachable the bears are, I have uploaded a video documenting our 2006 adventure. (Check out to learn more about these trips.) Enjoy!

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